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May 2024 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, Spring is in full swing here in Colorado Springs. We hope you all are looking forward to summer and the warmer months ahead.  Since last months update, the stock market has experienced a pullback and bond prices continue to push lower...

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April 2024 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, We hope you all are enjoying the signs of spring and enjoyed Easter weekend. The first quarter of 2024 was very positive for the stock market with new highs being posted across most major indices. This resulted in the best first quarter...

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March 2024 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, February just notched the best returns for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq since 2015, while the Dow had its best February since 2021. Thus far in 2024 there has been more market breadth with more than 71% of the stocks included in the S&P...

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February 2024 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, The start to 2024 has been full of excitement with the main stock indices reaching new all time highs (something that hasn't happened since 2021). As we enter the beginning of February, many folks are wondering what to do in this circumstance...

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Year-End 2023 Market Update

Dear Clients and Friends, We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all a Happy New Year. As we close out 2023 there were many unexpected twists along the way, but the biggest surprise was the majority of the returns for the major stock indices (Nasdaq,...

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December 2023 Market Update

Dear Clients and Friends, To the surprise of many, the month of November had one of the largest increases in both the stock and bond market since 2022. The S&P 500 closed up 8.9%, the Nasdaq 10.7%, and more notably the Dow Jones and Russell 2000 both...

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Are Bonds Dead?

Dear clients and friends, October marked the third straight monthly drop for U.S. stocks where the Nasdaq and S&P 500 entered correction territory (down more than 10% from the most recent 52-week high). We mentioned last month that these corrections happen about...

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August 2023 Update/Direct Indexing

Dear clients and friends, We hope each of you is enjoying the summer months and a more stable market environment. As we progress further into the second half of the year we wanted to provide a quick update on the markets as well as introduce a concept called "Direct...

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2022 A Year of Volatility

Dear Clients, We hope these comments find you healthy and well and provide some explanation of the current market conditions and what we are doing to navigate these rapidly evolving dislocations. After the stock markets rallied back about 8% in March after the initial...

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Impeachment or Noise?

It is hard for investors to separate actual from perceived threats to the market and their portfolios. Whether there is an issue with President Trump, North Korea, trade negotiations or some other risk, investors often find themselves hit with market gyrations over...

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