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By utilizing cash flow based modeling, we help answer questions about saving targets, withdrawal strategies, Roth conversions and more. Your entire financial picture in one place – we’ll help you find and optimize your retirement dream.

Our financial planners help families build and maintain wealth with tried and true financial principals. The American dream is alive and well with the proper focus and guidance from a team that has your best interest in mind.


Enjoy a clear vision, strategy, & roadmap to your goals

Proper financial planning requires a true understanding of your story and goals. We’ll take the time to honestly listen and understand your situation. Whether you are approaching retirement, or starting your first 401(k)… We want to hear your story, your goals, and your fears.

We’ll translate your goals into a gameplan. You’ll feel the empowerment of financial focus when you have a clear understanding of how and when you’ll hit your targets.


Enjoy 100% pure transparency into your portfolio

You’ll know the exact allocation of your every dollar when you work with Bauer Heitzmann. We’ll try not to overwhelm you with technical jargon and unnecessary acronyms. You can expect clear communication about the critical things you want to know.

If you want to dive deep into the details – we’ll have reports, stats, and charts ready for you to explore.

If you prefer a brief overview – we’ll give you the bottom-line numbers and the most important insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of analyzing, planning, and managing funds or assets in accordance with the clients target goals. Depending on the desired outcome and timeframe; a financial planner will allocate funds to various investment channels and opportunities. There are hundreds of options to grow, diversify, or protect your assets – meet with an adviser to learn the best options for you.

What is retirement planning?

Retirement planning is the careful consideration of making your current/total income last the entire duration of your retirement. It’s one of the most complex but important math problems you’ll ever need to figure out. Improper retirement planning can become an extremely stressful late-life burden. A professional adviser will help you nail down a gameplan to accomodate your lifestyle throughout retirement.

Why is financial planning important?

Financial planning is important to make sure your current income or finances will accommodate your lifestyle (or desired lifestyle). Improper financial planning can have ultimately devastating effects. A professional advisor will help you learn the exact numbers you need to hit to stay on track.

What are the benefits of financial planning?

The compounding benefits of proper financial planning are virtually limitless – but here are some of the most important to consider:

  • Increased savings and accumulation of wealth
  • Investment opportunities, funds, etc.
  • Reduced taxes, fees, risks
  • More effective budgeting/spending/investing 
  • Financial and psychological peace
What is the best retirement plan? (IRA vs 401k vs pension vs other)

Unfortunately, there is no objective answer to which is “best” – it depends on several different factors and your retirement goals. A professional advisor can help compare the most important factors/numbers you need to know for a successful retirement plan.